Real Estate Services Division


Our mission is to buy, sell and lease land for other municipal departments (the public sector), and maintain & manage municipal lands not in the Heritage Land Bank or the Anchorage Community Development Authority inventories, or for which no other managing agency has been designated.

Real Estate Services (RES) also forecloses and sells private sector properties of which the MOA has taken Clerk's Deed under a delinquent tax and/or special assessment foreclosure court order. Following Assembly approval, sales are conducted annually of these properties by sealed bid sale.

For information on how to make a delinquent property tax payment, please call 907-343-7953.

If your property has been taken via Clerk's Deed, contact our office for instructions on how to repurchase your property at 907-343-7525 or e-mail realestate@anchorageak.gov​



Information and Events​

Important Notice!

Property owners delinquent in YEAR 2022 real property taxes and/or special assessments are facing FORECLOSURE.
2023​​ Annual Notice of Foreclosure Publication.
Amounts shown in the publication are valid through June 30, 2023 only. To avoid foreclosure, 2022 and prior years taxes must be paid by 5pm, June 30, 2023.

June 17 - June 30, 2023​: Payment must be made with guaranteed funds: Cash, Cashier's Check or Money Order (s), payable to the Municipality of Anchorage. Payments can be mailed to the Treasury Division: PO Box 196040, Anchorage, AK 99519 or hand delivered to the Treasury Division: 632 W. 6th Ave., Suite 330, Anchorage, AK 99501.
Please note: Properties in foreclosure are not available for sale by the MOA.

For more information, please contact: 907-343-7953

2024 Tax-Foreclosed Properties Sale

The Real Estate Services Division is in the process of seaking Assembly approval to hold a sale for properties that have been foreclosed upon, the redemption period has expired, and a Clerk's Deed was issued by the court, giving the Municipality ownership. MOA's Foreclosed Properties Sale

For more information on the MOA foreclosure process, be sure to download this very informative booklet:Foreclosed Properties Guide

Foreclosure Costs and Administrative Fees:
The Municipality recovers costs incurred in the enforcement of delinquent real property tax and special assessment liens. The 2008 approved foreclosure costs and administration fee schedule details the costs and fees that attach to delinquent tax and special assessment property accounts during the foreclosure process.

Office location:
The Real Estate Department is located on the 2nd floor of the Permit & Development Center, 4700 Elmore Road in Anchorage AK 99507.