What We Do

The Real Estate Department (RED) manages municipally owned property, and may assign management authority of municipal property to the department that uses it.  There are two divisions of RED:  Real Estate Services and Heritage Land Bank.  Each division operates under rules set by the Anchorage Municipal Code (AMC).

Heritage Land Bank

The Heritage Land Bank (HLB) division manages uncommitted municipally owned land in the HLB inventory and the HLB Fund in a manner designed to benefit the present and future citizens of Anchorage, promote orderly development, and achieve the goals of the Comprehensive Plan.  The HLB achieves this mission by inventorying and managing HLB land and resources with the goal of eventually benefitting a variety of municipal purposes that in turn benefit our local population. 

The HLB does not manage all municipal land; only parcels in the HLB inventory.  The Heritage Land Bank land base currently consists of approximately 10,000 acres distributed between Chugiak and Girdwood, with about half its acreage (approximately 5,000 acres) in the Girdwood Valley. The inventory includes parcels zoned residential, commercial, industrial, and open space areas. The HLB Advisory Commission (HLBAC) oversees the operation of the HLB and the HLB Fund. 

Real Estate Servic​es​

The Real Estate Services Division manages all other municipally owned properties, maintains the Municipal Foreclosure Registry, conducts delinquent tax and/or special assessment foreclosure sales, and provides subject matter expertise to other departments with regard to acquistion, sale or leasing of properties for municipal benefit.

​​Land Use Authorizations

The Real Estate Department can provide certain land use authorizations, with the required approvals from governing bodies.  Examples are:

  • Easements - Right-of-Way, utility, pipeline, recreational, access, etc. Term may be imposed or the easement may be granted in perpetuity.
  • Land Use Permits - Exclusive or non-exclusive use up to one year.  Renewal possible with good standing.
  • Temporary Construction Permits - Usually granted to other government agencies or their contractors.
  • Natural Resource Extraction or Harvesting - Rarely granted, usually in support of a municipal project or to remedy hazards.
  • Leases - Properties with legal descriptions (parcel, metes and bounds, etc) may be leased.