Cold Weather Plan for the Homeless

When outside temperatures reach 45 degrees or below, the Cold Weather Plan for the homeless goes into effect. 
The objective of the plan is to safeguard the lives of vulnerable homeless individuals and families by providing temporary shelter during inclement weather conditions that pose a threat to those living without adequate shelter, especially those at higher risk of death due to exposure. All applicable Municipal and State health and safety codes must remain in effect and be adhered to when the Cold Weather Plan is activated. 
The Cold Weather Plan enables:
  • Approved churches to act as shelters for families and
  • Catholic Social Services to operate an overflow for individuals at Beans CafĂ©


Cold Weather Plan, adopted September 2010, Updated February 2012

Assembly Ordinance AO 2010-46,  Cold Weather Plan for Homeless Persons

Assembly Ordinance AO 2012-14, Amending the Cold Weather Plan for Homeless Persons

DHHS Policy for Temporary Cold Weather Shelters, Updated August 2012 

Fire Department Policy for Temporary Cold Weather Shelters

APPLICATION for Cold Weather Temporary Shelter Designation

For more information, contact
Steven Ashman, Manager, Public Health Initiatives and Partnerships