​​​​​​​Emerge​​ncy Shelter Plan​​​


The Emergency Shelter Plan is established under Municipal Cod​e Chapter 16.120 – Emergency Shelter Plan for Homeless Persons. This ordinance contains clear rules on when ​the Emergency Shelter Plan may be activated and which locations can be used for this purpose. 

As required by ordinance, the health department maintains a listing of approved designated emergency shelters. Entities that meet the critieria in ​AMC 16.​120.040 may submit an application to the health department to receive this designation.

To date, the health department has issued seven Emergency Shelter Certificates for the 2022-2023 winter season.

​Winter 2022-2023 Emergency Shelter Plan

The Municipality has developed a four-prong approach to emergency cold weather sheltering this winter. This framework aims to drive collaboration between the Municipality, key stakeholders, and organizations in the homelessness response sectors such as emergency management and public health authorities, who play an important role in the winter sheltering response. 


​​​After reviewing the application guidance, checklist, and policies below, please submit your application to housingandhomelessservices@anchorageak.gov.


Emergency Shelter Policies

Please carefully review the documents below prior to submitting an application.​​​