Emergency Preparedness Program


The Anchorage Health Department's Operations Center is currently activated at Level 1: Surveillance. The Anchorage Health Department (AHD) is engaged with local, state, and federal healthcare partners in response to the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in China. AHD has established our Department Operations Center to maintain awareness of unfolding events and to monitor for potential impacts of COVID-19 to the Anchorage area. As of Feb 24, there are no cases of COVID-19 in Alaska. The Public Health Emergency Information line is 907-343-4000.

Visit our COVID-19 webpage for more information

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The Emergency Preparedness section develops, coordinates and executes plans, policies and procedures, for public health disaster response in order to protect the health of the Anchorage population.

We are prepared to respond to natural, technological, or human caused disasters which create or threaten to create a public health emergency. Our three core public health response missions are: Mass Casualty, Mass Care, and Mass Prophylaxis.





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