Anchorage Safety Patrol and Center

Main Number: (907) 343-4006

The Anchorage Health Department manages the contract for the Anchorage Safety Patrol (ASP) & Safety Center (ASC).  ASP vans and staff are dispatched by the Anchorage Fire Department (AFD) Call Center to persons that appear to be incapacitated by alcohol or drugs in a public place.  When not on a dispatch call from AFD, the ASP Van actively patrols the Anchorage Downtown and Midtown areas in search of persons that may be in need of assistance.  If the ASP takes a person into protective custody, they will transport them to the Anchorage Safety Center (ASC) located next to Anchorage Jail Complex at 1500 East 3rd Avenue.  Clients are assessed using basic physiological parameters; those falling outside of safe standards for the Safety Center are taken to the hospital for medical clearance or further care.

The ASP response service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Vans are staffed with a state-certified Emergency Medical Technician. Request ASP services by calling 343-4006 or 3-1-1. 

ASP vans are predominantly dispatched to the Downtown, Midtown, Mountain View and Fairview areas, however their response area extends to Anchorage areas north of International Airport Road.

The Safety Center also operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to monitor clients during the sobering process.  Center staffing is maintained at one staff member to every 10-client ratio, and includes a state-certified Emergency Medical Technician. 

The ASP/ASC Contract is currently held by Securitas, Inc. The Anchorage Safety Center is a Municipal-owned and maintained facility.

Program Contact Information

For more information on ASP/ASC please contact the Anchorage Health Department ASP/ASC Contact Administrator, Maureen Haggblom at (907) 343-4284 or