​​​​​​​​Emergency Preparedness

Operations Center Status: ​Not activated.
​Welcome to the Anchorage Health Department's Emergency Preparedness program. We are currently in normal operations, and the Operations Center has not been activated.
What does EP do?
The Emergency Preparedness program develops, coordinates and executes plans, policies and procedures for public health disasters. Our three core public health response missions are mass casualty, mass care, and mass prophylaxis.​​

Safety Patrol & Center 
Anchorage Safety Patrol is dispatched by the fire department and responds to individuals in the Downtown and Midtown area who appear incapacitated by alcohol or drugs in public places. 
​Patients who fit the criteria are transferred to the Safety Center to complete the sobering process.
(907) 343-4006​​​​​​​​​​​

Program Contact Information

For more information on the EP program, please contact the Anchorage Health Department Deputy Safety Officer, Deborah Burks, at (907) 343-4779 or