Enhanced 911 (E911) Surcharge

Anchorage Municipal Code (AMC) Chapter 26.65 authorizes the collection of a surcharge on wireline and wireless​ services within the Municipality of Anchorage. The surcharge supports the enhanced emergency 911 system. The surcharge is billed by wireline and wireless telephone companies each month and appears as a separate line item on customer statements.

Effective December 1, 2016, the surcharge rate will be $2.00 per month per affected wireline and wireless telephone number. Customers with 100 or more lines are charged a maximum of $200 per month.

AMC Chapter 26.65 and Anchorage Ordinances

At its November 1, 2016 meeting, the Anchorage Assembly passed AO 2016-128, increasing the surcharge to $2.00 per month per local access line and each wireless telephone number that is billed or sold to customers with an address within the municipality. All other provisions of AMC 26.65 remain unchanged.

The following link to AMC 26.65 presents the chapter as it existed prior to the passage of AO 2016-128.

Note #1: Click on the + to the left of first occurrence of Title 26 Utilties, then click on Chapter 26.65 Enhanced 911 System. The first occurrence is part of the Anchorage Municipal Code and the second occurence is part of the Anchorage Municipal Code of Regulations.  All regulations related to E-911 were repealed and incorporated into the Anchorage Municipal Code.

Note #2: The Revisor of Ordinances publishes updates approximately three times per year. Ordinances passed since the last update are listed on the page opened by clicking the link above for AMC 26.65. Ordinances may also be found on the Anchorage Assembly's web page.

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