​Alaska has over 20,000 earthquakes per year

To stay safe during an earthquake you can take steps before, during and after the earthquake.

Before an Earthquake: complete your earthquake mitigation​

During an Earthquake:

    • Inside:​ DROP - COVER – HOLD ON  Get under under a table or against an inside wall away from windows and falling objects
    • Outside: Move to a clear area away from buildings, over passes, signs, utility lines and trees. Sit on the ground; do not stand up.
    • Driving: Drive away from underpasses and overpasses. Stop in a clear area where things will not fall on your car. Stay in your car.

After an Earthquake:

  • There will be more earthquakes
  • Listen to official communications.
  • Check for injuries and give first aid for people aroun​d you.
  • Look for damages: gas or water leaks (if you know how to turn off gas/water, turn them off if damaged), sewage breaks, and downed power lines. Report these damages to utility companies.
  • Check for building damage & evacuate if there are a lot of damages or you feel unsafe.
  • Only call 9-1-1 if you need help.  Keep phone lines open for others who need help. Text instead.