R-2A Two-Family Residential District (larger lot)

The R-2A district is intended primarily for single- and two-family residential areas with gross densities between five and seven dwelling units per acre.  The minimum lot size is slightly larger than the R-2D district.  These areas generally are intended to have well-developed infrastructure, and municipal services generally are intended to be provided.    Only a single principal structure is allowed on any lot or tract.

Minimum lot area 7,200 square feet (Dwelling, single-family detached)
 8,400 square feet (Dwelling, two-family)
Minimum lot width  60 feet (Dwelling, single-family detached)
 70 feet (Dwelling, two-family)
Front yard setback  20 feet
Side yard setback  5 feet
Rear yard setback  10 feet
Maximum height of a principal structure  30 feet
Maximum height of a detached garage  25 feet
Maximum height of other accessory structures  12 feet
Driveway surface  Paved

If you use the online version of the code (under "External Links), try searching on "21.06.020" for more information.  Please note that recent amendments may not have been published yet.  Land Use Enforcement will be happy to verify the current code language for you.