Height Limitations

Each zoning district has a maximum height limitation for structures.  In residential districts, the height limit may be different for principal structures, detached garages, and other accessory buildings.

The height of a structure is not measured at its highest point, but at the average height of the highest roof plane.  The method for determining building height is found in AMC 21.06.030D. 

 If you are planning a building and are not sure where the height will be measured to, bring your plans to the permit counter at Building Safety or to Land Use Enforcement and we will be glad to determine it for you.

Structures in the Airport Height Zone of Anchorage International Airport, Merrill Field, Birchwood airport and Girdwood airport are subject to additional height restrictions.

If you use the online version of the code (under "External Links), try searching on "21.06.030D." for more information.  Please note that recent amendments may not have been published yet.  Land Use Enforcement will be happy to verify the current code language for you.