Development Reserve District

The DR district may be applied to lands intended for future development, undesignated municipally owned lands, municipal and state tidelands and waters, and military lands. Large-lot single-family residential is allowed by-right, along with limited public and institutional uses; see the use tables in chapter 21.05 for specific allowed uses. Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson uses, activities, and developments are not subject to the municipal land use regulations including the DR district use limitations.

Lot Requirements

Setback Requirements

Building Height




All Uses

5 acres

100 feet

20% max.

Front, side, and rear setbacks shall be 25 feet when the abutting district is PR, PLI, or residential; otherwise, the setbacks shall be equal to the analogous minimum setback in the abutting district.

35 feet

If you use the online version of the code (under "External Links") search "21.06.020" for more information.