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In February 2012, Phase II of the Mayor’s Education Summit took place with 6 Community Conversations around Anchorage.  In these conversations citizens reviewed the preliminary scenarios to improve student performance that were identified by the participants in the November Summit. 

The scenarios are:

  1. World-class leadership: teachers and principals;
  2. Community engagement and commitment;
  3. Set great expectations for student success; and
  4. Expand choice and opportunity for all.

Participants discussed the approach and steps they think Anchorage should take, including the choices and trade-offs that will be required in order for Anchorage’s schools to become among the nation’s best.

Citizen comments from the Community Conversations have been compiled into The Future of K-12 Education in Anchorage: Report on Community Conversations.  This report will help inform the discussion that will take place at the Capstone Summit in June 2012.  The Report on Community Conversations will allow Capstone participants to better understand the community's priorities and the trade-offs it is willing to make as choices are faced in how to best achieve improved student performance.

Click here to read the full report from the February Mayor’s Education Summit Community Conversations.

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