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Sister Cities

Whitby, England

Whitby Abbey 

Whitby Abbey

Whitby Beach

Whitby Beach

Whitby Beach


Whitby Winter Sunset

Whitby Winter Sunset

Steps overlooking Whitby Harbour at sunrise

Royal visit to Whitby Harbour

Lifeboat Day in Whitby Harbour

Trip to Whitby June 13, 2011

Mayor John Freeman in Official Mayoral Regalia (June 2011)

First Light for Pannett Park given by Anchorage Sister Cities Commission. Mayor Freeman, Commissioner Charlene Howe, Dr. David Howe (June 2011)

Whalebones procured from Barrow by ASCC under the leadership of then Commissioner Chris Kennedy and sent to Whitby with the aid of Senator Ted Stevens and Alaska Airlines (Mayor Freeman, Comissioner Howe and Dr. Howe in June 2011)

Father Elliott sending the original water color painting by Teresa Ascone, commissioned by the Anchorage Sister Cities Commission, to Whitby with the generous delivery assistance of Fed Ex.  (July 27, 2011)

Mayor and Artist John Freeman presenting a gift to Mayor Sullivan via Commissioner Charlene Howe. Mayor Freeman is a well known painter in the Whitby area. (June 2011)

Enjoying Tea in Whitby, David Howe, Anne Cowey, Pam Dobson, Mayor Freeman (June 2011)

Pam Dobson, Whitby Town Clerk, with her recipe in the ASCC cookbook (June 2011)

Newly-elected Mayor John Freeman with a citizen congradulating him with a handmade card (June 2011)

Anne Cowey, Deputy Clerk and Civic Officer, with her recipe in the ASCC cookbook (June 2011)

Tour of the Captain Cook Museum in Whitby:  Trevor Paine, Educational Officer;   Holly Hyams,  Activities Coordinator,; Michael Green, Administrative Officer; Charlene Howe, Chairman, ASC Commission;  David Westwood, Front Desk (June 2011)