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Anchorage Sister Cities

"The Sister Cities program is an important resource to the negotiations of governments in letting the people themselves give expression of their common desire for friendship, goodwill and cooperation for a better world." President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Sister Cities International grew out of the People-to-People concept proposed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower at a White House conference in 1956.

The Anchorage Sister Cities Commission was established in 1970, and became a full Commission in 1972. Its formation formally recognized the importance of cultural sport and educational exchange programs between Anchorage and other foreign cities as a means to foster mutual respect and goodwill.

The Commission is composed of Anchorage citizens appointed by the Mayor. Commissioners come from diverse groups within the community including the fields of government, commerce and education, as well as representatives of various ethnic communities. The members volunteer their time and efforts. The Sister Cities Commission also assists in hosting functions on behalf of Anchorage for visiting citizens and dignitaries from its sister cities.

For more information, email the Anchorage Sister Cities Commission at

You can also email Commission Chair Chris Kosinski
or Events & Floater Commission Treasurer Thomas Baye

  • Marty Margeson, Paula Pawlowski 
    Whitby, England Representative
  • Chris Kosinski, Brandon Nakasato 
    Chitose, Japan Representative
  • Penny Gage, Corey Hester 
    Magadan, Russia Representative
  • Rada Khadjinova, Chong Park 
    Incheon, Korea Representative
  • Susan Churchill, Thomas Bay
    Darwin, Australia Representative
  • Brandon Locke, Elise Burtrum                                                                   Tromsø Norway Representative
  • Mayor's Staff Liason: Amy Coffman
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