​​Municipal Manager Kent Kohlhase​

The Municipal Manager is responsible to the Mayor for overall municipal administrative policy, public safety, and operations of the municipality.  The manager directly oversees nine municipal departments, three utilities, and two enterprises:

The Municipal Manager's Department itself contains four divisions: Emergency Management, Equal Opportunity, Risk Management/Safety, and Transportation Inspection.

List of Prior of Municipal Managers

Douglas G. Weiford    1975-1979
Larry D. Crawford       1979-1981
John Valensi               1981-1982
Barbara Steckel          1982-1984
Bob Smith                    1984-1987   
Ronald A. Garzini        1988-1989
Larry D. Crawford        1989-1998​
George J. Vakalis        1999-2000   
Harry J. Kieling, Jr.      2000-2003​
Denis C. LeBlanc         2003-2008
Michael K. Abbott        2008-2009  
George J. Vakalis        2009-2015    
Michael K. Abbott        2015-2017
William D. Falsey        2017-2020
Anna C. Henderson    2020-2021
Amy Demboski           2021-2022