The Community Safety and Development (CSD)program's mission is to strengthen the Municipality’s neighborhoods while building strong individuals, proud families and a vibrant community. 

HUD Entitlement Programs (CDBG/HOME)

CSD administers the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)  Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) awards from the federal government, partners with citywide organizations to further affordable housing opportunities for low and moderate-income families, and engages neighborhoods in long-term community development planning. 


2018-2022 Housing and Community Development Consolidated Plan

The 2018-2022 Consolidated Plan and the 2018 Action Plan go together for HUD.  The Amendment #1 to the Consolidated Plan and the 208 Action Plan were non-substantial to officially add the National Housing Trust Fund.  To make Substantial Amendment #2 to the 2018 Action Plan, the cover on the 2018-2022 Consolidated Plan was updated.


Current ​Activity and Information

2021 Action Plan

HHAND presentation 6-2-2021
2021 Draft Action Plan Project Table

2021 Draft Action Plan

January 2021 HHAND Commission Presentation

2021 Action Plan Public Notice ​

2020 Action Plan

2020 Final Action Plan

2020 Project Table


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2019 Action Plan and CARES Act Funding

ESG-CV and CDBG-CV Projects

2019 Action Plan Substantial Amendment 5

2019 Action Plan Substantial Amendment 4

2019 Action Plan Substantial Amendment 3

ESG-CV and CDBG-CV announcement

CV Funding Public Input Presentation

CDBG-CV Public Notice

2019 Action Plan Substantial Amendment 5 Public Hearing Friday June 11, 2021 11 AM on Microsoft Teams.

Or call in:

+1 907-519-0237



Scheduled Meetings

The HAND Commission and HCOSH merged on April 25, 2017 forming the Housing, Homeless And Neighborhood Development Commission (HHAND).

All HHAND Commi​ssion Meetings are held at the Anchorage Health Department:

825 L Street, 4th Floor Conference Room, Room 423.

Or you can participate through Microsoft Teams 

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Or call in (audio only)

+1 907-519-0237

HHAND Commission Meeting

November 3, 202​1​​ at 4:00 - 5:30 pm

If you need something made available to the commission, email it to Valerie Madison at:  Valerie.Madison@anchorageak.gov

Do not send attachments,  Send the text in the email.