​Priorities and Vision

As the legislative branch of the Municipality of Anchorage, the Anchorage Assembly is charged with setting policy for the Municipality.

Assembly Priorities

The Assembly is guided by the 2019-21 Municipality of Anchorage Assembly Priorities​. Our priorities are:

  • Communications
  • Homelessness
  • Quality of Life
  • Public Safety
  • Economic Development

​See our 2021 Progress Report


Recent Initiatives

​Pandemic Safety and Recovery Efforts

Throughout the pandemic, the Assembly has worked to pass health and safety measures and deliver financial aid to community members and businesses. Assembly Actions Regarding COVID-19.


American Rescue Plan Act Local Fiscal Re​covery Funds

On May 18, 2021 the Anchorage Assembly passed AR No. 2021-167(S), As Amended, a resolution appropriating American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Local Fiscal Recovery Funds in an amount not to exceed $51,658,683 and allocating in the same amount to projects and programs, when tendered, to the Federal Direct Grants Fund 241900.


Coronavirus Relief Fund

Last year, the Anchorage Assembly, Municipal staff, and community partners successfully allocated and distributed around $156 Million dollars from the CARES Act.  During March and April 2021, the Assembly, with input from the public, worked to determine the priorities for the approximately $100 Million expected from the 2021 American Recovery Plan (ARP). Anchorage residents were encouraged to attend meetings, fill out our feedback form with your thoughts, voice your opinions, and contact Assembly members about how to best utilize this funding. Funding Allocations.


Alcohol Tax Implementation

In 2020, the Assembly was tasked to appropriate the funds from the Municipality's new alcohol tax. Learn more about our process.​

Public Portal to Access Assembly Documents

​The Assembly and the MOA Office of Information Technology have created a Public Portal to access Assembly documents. Access the portal here: Assembly Public Portal to Assembly Documents (muni.org)Press Release.

​Welcoming Anchorage

​​​Welcoming Anchorage is a collaboration between the Municipality of Anchorage, local businesses, and organizations, that strives to reinforce Anchorage as a place proud of our heritage and poised to position ourselves as a globally competitive, culturally vibrant 21st century community.​

Resilient Anchorage

A resilient city bounces back from acute shocks and tackles chronic stresses. Anchorage is becoming more resilient by building a sustainable city, mobilizing volunteers, engaging partners, and creating a vibrant workforce. Resilient Anch​orage is the place to be!​