As the legislative branch of the Municipality of Anchorage, the Anchorage Assembly is charged with setting policy for the Municipality.


Assembly Priorities​

The Assembly is guided by the 2023 Progress Report and Goals​. 

2023 Priorities

  • Housing Initiative - set a long-term housing vision, streamline codes & processes, spur innovative, attainable housing development
  • Port of Alaska Modernization - support rapid timeline that launches Phase II construction by summer 2024
  • Monitor MOA Financial Health - build reserve funds and recover FEMA reimbursements
  • Public Health and Safety - fund public safety & mental health services; support Crisis Now model
  • Assembly Business - conduct the business of the city with an increasingly open, accessible and transparent process

Focus Areas

  • Economic Development
  • Public Safety
  • Housing
  • Homelessness
  • Quality of Life​​
  • Infrastructure​ & Transportation
  • Assembly Business


A​ssembly Legislati​ve Services


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