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Community Development

The Community Development Department  facilitates commercial and residential property development, enforces building and land use codes and manages regional planning projects including:  neighborhood, environmental, and transportation plans.

We respond to customers seeking code enforcement information, zoning or platting applications, and building permits or inspections.


Department Services

  • Produce areawide, regional, and neighborhood plans that meet community expectations for our winter city community.  This includes Assembly-adopted comprehensive and sub-area plans for Chugiak-Eagle River, Anchorage Bowl, Girdwood, and Turnagain Arm.
  • Provide planning for long-term, multi-modal transportation needs.
  • Ensure new developments adhere to adopted plans.
  • Review and inspect new construction to assure compliance with building codes and other mandated standards for protecting safety, public health, and environmental quality.
  • Enforce land use codes to protect public assets such as rights-of-way and to promote clean and attractive neighborhoods.


About the Divisions

  • Development Services
    • Accepts applications for building, land use, and private development permits; performs plan reviews of proposed construction for compliance with code, design criteria, and construction standards; issues permits, performs inspections and regulates on-site water and wastewater systems.  Manages activities within public rights-of-way.  Ensures compatible land uses through zoning review and enforcement of land use code.  Assists the public and development community through review of facility licenses, administrative land use permits, and business development proposals and assigns and maintains unique addressing and street names.
    • Development Services Division includes these sections:
      • Land Use Review & Addressing
      • Land Use Permitting & Enforcement
      • Right-of-Way Permitting
      • Building Plan Review
      • On-Site Water & Wastewater
      • Building Permitting & Enforcement
      • Building Inspections
      • Private Development
  • Planning
    • Provides professional, technical and analytical expertise that assists the community in identifying goals, policies and objectives governing growth and future development within the Municipality of Anchorage.   Facilitates land use development in accordance with Anchorage's comprehensive and sub-area plans, zoning and subdivision regulations.  Coordinates development of land use plans, studies and regulatory controls to implement adopted goals and policies.  Develops and implements a multi-modal transportation system.
    • Planning Division has these sections:
      • Current Planning (Zoning & Platting)
      • Long-Range Planning
      • Transportation Planning (AMATS)
  • Administration
    • Provides leadership and coordination for overall department operations.
    • Provides full array of administrative services:  budget, accounting, purchasing, IT coordination, human resources coordination, payroll, etc.
      • Community Development
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