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What happens when I report a camp?

When a camp is reported it goes to the Anchorage Police Department Community Action Policing Team (APD CAP Team) to abate then to Community Work Service to clean.

In order for APD to make contact with the camp as soon as possible they need good information from the public. Below are descriptions of active and abandoned camps to help you determine what kind of camp you are reporting.

Active Camp: A camp is considered active if there is a standing tent, tarp, or habitable structure. A camp would also be active if people are seen living there.

Abandoned Camp: A camp is considered abandoned if there is a collapsed tent or no tent or no other obvious structure used for habitation.

Please include relevant descriptions in the description box when you submit a request like tent color, if you saw people in the camp, how many tents were being used, any nearby landmarks, directions, if you can see the camp from a park or trail etc.

If possible, please attach one or two photos to help APD locate the camp. These photos will be the most helpful tool to the CAP Team.

Thank you for reporting a homeless camp to the Municipality of Anchorage.