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Street Maintenance

Girdwood Board of Supervisors

Girdwood Valley Service Area
Non-Emergency Police:  907-472-2390
Whittier Police Service FAQ

Emergency? Call 911

GBOS Meetings

(GBOS Regular Meetings are held the 3rd Monday of each month)
GBOS Regular Meeting:
Date: Monday, November 20, 2017
Time: 7:00PM
Location: Girdwood Community Room

GBOS Special Meeting Re: GFD purchase of fitness equipment
Date:    Monday, October 23, 2017
Time:     4:45PM
Location: Girdwood Community Room

    GBOS Special Meeting RE: GFD Purchase agenda draft
    GBOS Regular Meeting October 16 agenda final
    GBOS Regular Meeting October 16 minutes draft
    GBOS Regular Meeting September 18 minutes 
    GBOS 2018 Non-Profit Grant Minutes 
    GBOS Regular Meeting August 21 Minutes 
    GBOS Budget Work Session #3 Aug 9 minutes 
    GBOS Budget Work Session #2 Aug 2 minutes 
    GBOS Budget Work Session #1 July 26 minutes
    GBOS Regular Meeting July 17 minutes 
    GBOS Regular Meeting June 19 minutes
    GBOS Work Session May 17 minutes 
    GBOS Regular Meeting May 15 minutes 
    GBOS Special Meeting April 27 minutes 
    GBOS Regular Meeting April 2017 minutes 
    GBOS Regular Meeting March 2017 Minutes
    GBOS Regular Meeting February Minutes
    GBOS Regular Meeting January Minutes 
    GBOS Work Session 1.11.17 minutes 
    GBOS Regular Meeting December Minutes
    GBOS Regular Meeting November Minutes 
    GBOS Work Session November Minutes 
Public Safety Advisory Committee:
PSAC Meetings are held the first Monday of every month. 
PSAC Meetings falling on holidays may be rescheduled and will be posted with alternate date with a least 1 week notice.

Regular Monthly Meeting:
Date:     Wednesday, November 6, 2017
Time:     7:00PM
Location:     Girdwood Community Room

    PSAC Regular Meeting 10.2.17 agenda final
    PSAC Regular Meeting 10.2.17 minutes draft
    PSAC Regular Meeting 9.6.17 minutes 
    PSAC Regular Meeting 8.7.17 minutes 
    PSAC Regular meeting 7.3.17 Cancelled
    PSAC Regular Meeting 6.5.17 minutes
    PSAC Regular Meeting 5.1.17 minutes 
    PSAC Regular Meeting 4.3.17 minutes
    PSAC Regular Meeting 3.6.17 minutes
    PSAC Regular Meeting 2.6.17 minutes 
    PSAC Regular Meeting 1.2.17 minutes
    PSAC Regular Meeting 12.5.16 Minutes
    PSAC Regular Meeting 11.7.16 cancelled
    PSAC Special Meeting 10.24.16 Minutes
    PSAC Special Meeting 10.7.16 RE Contracts minutes
    PSAC Regular meeting 10.3.16 minutes

Items of Interest:      
Girdwood Public Safety documents:

GBOS Letter to Governor and Mayor requesting Seward Highway enforcement
Safety Corridors Audit re Seward Highway
AST ending service to Turnagain Arm communities within MOA
Public Safety Service Long Term Contract Final
AST Press Release AST Ending All Service to Girdwood in 2017
Letter MOA Attorney to State Troopers re: Clarification of AST role in Major Crime investigation
Letter MOA to AST re: MOA communities without local police services 4.29.16
Letter AST to MOA Communities along Seward Hwy after 6 30 16
Letter Atty General Response to MOA Attorney re: AST Service areas
Letter MOA Attorney to Alaska State Troopers re AST service areas 
Public Town Hall Meeting Power point Presentation

GBOS/LUC Quarterly Meeting
Date: Monday, December 18, 2017
Time: 6PM
Location:  Girdwood Community Room

    GBOS/LUC/GAP September 18, 2017 Meeting agenda final
    GBOS/LUC/GAP September 18, 2017 minutes
    GBOS/LUC June 19, 2017 meeting cancelled
    GBOS/LUC March Quarterly Meeting Minutes
    GBOS/LUC December Quarterly Meeting Minutes
    GBOS/LUC September Quarterly Meeting minutes
GBOS & Municipal Manager Quarterly Meeting
Date: Monday, October 23, 2017
Time: 4PM
Location: Girdwood Community Room
    GBOS MOA Quarterly Meeting October Agenda Draft
    GBOS MOA Quarterly Meeting July Minutes
    GBOS MOA Quarterly Meeting April Minutes
    GBOS MOA Quarterly Meeting January Minutes 
    GBOS MOA Quarterly Meeting October 2016 Minutes

Land Use Meetings

(LUC Regular Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month)

Land Use Committee (LUC) Meeting:
Date:  Monday, November 13, 2017
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Girdwood Community Room

    LUC October 2017 Agenda final
    LUC October 2017 Minutes draft revised 10.11.17
    LUC September 2017 Minutes 
    LUC August 2017 Minutes
    LUC July 2017 Minutes 
    LUC June 2017 Minutes 
    LUC May 2017 Minutes 
    LUC April 2017 Minutes
    LUC March 2017 Minutes 
    LUC February 2017 Minutes
    LUC January 2017 Minutes 
    LUC December 2016 Minutes
    LUC November 2016 Meeting Minutes
    LUC October 2016 Meeting Minutes 

Girdwood Trails Meetings

(Girdwood Trails Committee Meetings are held the 1st Tuesday of each month)

Trails Committee Items of Interest:
Girdwood Trails Management Plan 10.11.17
USFS GBOS Trails MOU Exp 1.31.22 
Mountain Bike Alliance proposed trail 4.11.17
Mountain Bike Alliance proposed trail 3.9.17
Nordic Ski Club proposed trail 3.9.17
Nordic Ski Club proposed trail 10.16

Girdwood Trails Management Plan Meetings:

The Girdwood Trails Management Plan is set for review in Feb. 2018.  
 Girdwood Trails Management Plan agenda
    Girdwood Trails Management Plan Meeting Minutes draft revised 9.11.17
    GTC Working Group August 2017 minutes
    GTC Working Group July 2017 cancelled
    GTC Working Group June 2017 minutes 
    GTC Working Group May 2017 minutes 
    GTC Working Group April 2017 cancelled
    GTC Working Group March 2017 agenda draft
    GTC Working Group March 2017 minutes draft
    GTC Working Group February 2017 cancelled
    GTC Working Group January 2017 minutes draft
    GTC Working Group December 2016 Minutes draft
    GTC Working Group November Meeting cancelled
    GTC Working Group October Meeting cancelled

Girdwood Trails Committee Meeting
Date: Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Time: 7:00PM
Location:  Girdwood Community Room 

    GTC October 2017 Meeting agenda final
    GTC October 2017 Minutes draft
    GTC September 2017 Meeting Minutes 
    GTC August 2017 Meeting Minutes 
    GTC July 2017 Meeting cancelled
    GTC June 2017 Meeting Minutes
    GTC May 22 Work Session Re; Trail Plan Minutes
    GTC May 2017 Meeting Minutes
    GTC April 2017 Meeting Minutes
    GTC March 2017 Meeting Minutes 
    GTC February 2017 Meeting Minutes 
    GTC January 2017 Meeting Minutes 
    GTC December 2016 Meeting Minutes
    GTC November 2016 Meeting minutes 
    GTC October 2016 Meeting Minutes

Girdwood Cemetery Committee

Date:   November 2, 2017
Time:    1PM
Location:   Girdwood Community Room

Cemetery Meeting September 2017 agenda final
Cemetery Meeting September 2017 minutes draft
Cemetery Meeting August 2017 minutes 
Cemetery Meeting July 2017 minutes
Cemetery Meeting June 2017 minutes draft
Cemetery Meeting May 2017 minutes
Cemetery Meeting April 2017 minutes
Cemetery Meeting March 2017 minutes draft
Cemetery Meeting January 2017 Minutes Draft

Cemetery Document Library:

Overlay map of the proposed cemetery site
CRW Cemetery Feasibility Study December 2016

Girdwood Area Plan Update Committee
(The Girdwood Area Plan Update Committee plans to meet twice monthly)
Date:     Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Time:      6PM
Location:  Girdwood Community Room

Area Plan Committee 10.12.17 agenda final
Area Plan Committee 9.28.17 minutes
Area Plan Committee 8.23.17 minutes
Area Plan Committee 8.3.17 minutes
Area Plan Committee 7.19.17 minutes
Area Plan Committee 6.29.17 minutes
Area Plan Committee 6.7.17 minutes
Area Plan Committee 5.17.17 minutes
Area Plan Committee 5.4.17 minutes
Area Plan Committee 4.19.17 minutes
Area Plan Committee 4.6.17 minutes final
Area Plan Committee 3.22.17 Minutes
Area Plan pre-meeting January 2017 Notes

To receive archived copies of minutes or agendas, please contact Margaret Tyler 907-343-8373.  

    • Street Maintenance
    • Manager: Paul Vanlandingham
    • Anchorage, Alaska
    • 907 343-8277

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Board Members

GBOS Board Members

Seat A: Jerry Fox, Roads and Utilities Supervisor, GBOS Co-Chair

Seat B:  Eryn Boone, Parks and Recreation & Cemetery Supervisor

Seat C:  Robert Snitzer, Fire Department Supervisor, GBOS Co-Chair

Seat D:  Mike Edgington, Land Use

Seat E:  Sam Daniel, Public Safety Supervisor

GBOS Rules & Procedures Rev 8.21.17

GBOS 406 Capital Investment Fund Procedures
Girdwood Valley Service Area Map

Land Use Committee Members

Brian Burnett, Chair
Tim Cabana, Vice-Chair
Diane Powers, Secretary

LUC Operating Principles

Land Use Documents
Marijuana Memorandum of Understanding for Retail Stores (template)

Marijuana Special Land Use Permit Process

Conditional Use Permit Process

Girdwood Trails Committee Members

Carolyn Brodin, Chair
Brian Burnett, Vice Chair
Kate Sandberg, Secretary
Diana Livingston, Treasurer

Trails Committee Operating Procedures

Girdwood Public Safety Advisory Committee
Seat A, Mandy Hawes
Seat B: Michelle Weston, Chair
Seat C:  Mike Opalka
Seat D:  Raleigh Hill

GPSAC Operating Procedures

Girdwood Valley Service Area Staff & Contact Information

PO Box 390
Girdwood, AK 99587
Phone:  343-8374

Kyle Kelley, Girdwood Liaison
Road Maintenance, Parks & Recreation, Facility Scheduling & Maintenance

Margaret Tyler, Girdwood Administrative Officer
GBOS Secretary, Parks & Recreation

2016 Parks and Rec Year End Report
2016 Road Service Year End Report


Request for Community Room Rental Form
Request for Park/Pavilion Permit Rental Form
Alcohol Waiver Form

Little Bears Park Fence Picket Donation Form
Girdwood Skate Park Donation Form