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Solid Waste Services (SWS)

The Solid Waste Services Department (SWS) is made up of two utilities – Refuse Collections and Solid Waste Disposal.  The Refuse Collections utility provides residential and commercial trash collection for our City of Anchorage service area.  The Solid Waste Disposal utility operates the Anchorage Regional Landfill, located in Eagle River, and two transfer stations (Central Transfer Station in Anchorage, and the Girdwood Transfer Station).
For your safety, SWS requires all patrons to wear safety vests on the commercial side of the Central Transfer Station (CTS), and on the working face of the Anchorage Regional Landfill (ARL) at all times. Hard hats are recommended, but are not required. For questions regarding this policy, please call 343-6262.
Due to the costs associated with accepting credit and debit cards, at this time SWS is only able to accept cash or check as payment when disposing of items at any of our facilities.

ALL LOADS MUST BE COVERED AND SECURED per AMC 26.80.050 (Loads not covered and secured are subject to a $10 to $30 Fine for all SWS Locations). COVERED LOADS MEAN CLEANER ROADS!

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Regular Locations & Hours of Operation

Administrative hours are Monday - Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

What's New at SWS? 

    • Solid Waste Services
    • Director: Paul Alcantar
    • 1111 E 56th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99518
    • 907 343-6262


A message from SWS Director Paul Alcantar:

“2014 was a very good year at Solid Waste Services. We were able to process an estimated 320,000 tons of trash and 3600 tons of recycling with the help of 108 employees at our two facilities.

Our landfill gas to energy project continues to provide almost 50% of the electricity needed to power up the Fort Richardson side of JBER , and our Spring clean up project helped the Municipality of Anchorage residents save over  $70,000 in disposal fees, and as a result, the residents delivered over 502,429 pounds of garbage safely to the Anchorage Regional Landfill.

Our employees continued to work with our customers, Anchorage residents, community groups, and our public officials to innovate and operate safely and more efficiently than ever before. We closed out the year by completing the delivery of the last of the roll-carts to automate 98% of our entire residential service area. With the completion of the automated collection service, we have begun the process of updating our customer service and vehicle operating software.  Plans are underway to open a second municipal recycling drop-off at the central transfer station in the Spring of 2015.

We appreciate our customers, and wish you all a happy and safe Holiday. We look forward to 2015!