Building Safety


When is a Permit Required?

  • See Anchorage Administrative Code, section  
  • Land Use Permit required outside of the Building Safety Service Area (Girdwood, Eagle River, etc.). This permit is required if you excavate or fill the property, construct new or add 100 square feet on the building, or change the use of the existing structure.    

When is a Permit NOT Required?

Click here for work that does NOT require a permit. This exert is from the 2012 Anchorage Administrative Code

When can I act as my own contractor and/or perform work

  • See AG.07 - Owner Builder 

Emergency Inspection of Replaced or Repaired Electrical Services

All electrical services must be inspected and green-tagged by a Building Safety electrical inspector before the utility is able to re-energize the structure. To receive an after-hours emergency electrical inspection for disconnected electrical service, call 440-0047. An inspector will call your number back. Please note that repairs and replacements of electrical services that have been disconnected from the utility are not covered by the retrofit hotline. If you have a permit, request a service inspection using the inspection request system. If you do not have a permit call 343-8211 for assistance during the business hours, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday thru Friday. If it is after business hours call the emergency phone number at  440-0047, additional fees apply to after hours inspections.

Retrofit Hotline: emergency equipment replacement and limited electrical installations

Building Safety provides a message hotline for contractors responding to emergency equipment replacement such as boilers or water heaters. The retrofit hotline is also used for minor electrical installations as provided by Policy E.11 Limited Scope Electrical Alteration Permits." This service protects a contractor or home owner from receiving a notice of permit requirement and fines that are associated with work being performed without a valid permit. The contractor or home owner must call the Building Safety Hotline at 343-7500 before commencing work, providing contact information, scope of work, and location. The permit application shall be submitted within the next working day.

Applying for a Building Permit

Applications for Building Permits must be done in person at the Building Safety Division, 4700 Elmore Road. The Building Permit Requirements handout outlines the application process and necessary documents.

Requirements Before Permit is Issued

A review of your building plans is required before a building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, footing/foundation, or other permit will be issued. This review is to ensure your building plans meet municipal and national codes for life safety.

Permit Fees

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    (Building permit fees are contained in Title 23.10 of the Anchorage Administrative Code, beginning on page 37. )   

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