Driver Training Program

Objective and Content

The objective of this Driver Training Program (DTP) is to familiarize drivers with airport operations and enhance the safety of everyone who uses Merrill Field. The DTP presents the information necessary to safely operate a vehicle on the Merrill Field airport movement area. Topics covered include:

  • Definition of Terms
  • Airport signs and markings
  • Radio Communications with the Merrill Airport Traffic Control Tower
  • Driving practices on Merrill Field Airport

Read the Driver education Study Guide inserted below. Print and answer the questions on the Merrill Field Driver Training Exam inserted below. For verification that you have viewed the program, you need to present the completed exam to your tiedown apron manager. Because the exam is open book, your score should be 100%.​

Merrill Field Driver Training Exam 08-07-2020.pdf

MRI Driver Training Study Guide 9-23-2020.pdf