Signals Section

Signal Operations

The Signals Operations team manages traffic signal timing for all municipal and state traffic signals to include flasher systems for the Anchorage Bowl, Eagle River, and Girdwood. Most signals in Anchorage are connected to a centralized computer in the Traffic Department office. This allows system operators to remotely check for proper operation of the signals, and remotely download new timing programs to the traffic signal controllers at each intersection.

Signals are generally programmed to run several different timing plans throughout the day. Different timing plans are developed to account for changes in traffic flow that routinely occur at the same time each day.

Signal Maintenance

The Signal Maintenance shop provides the installation, maintenance, and construction support for traffic signal systems within the Municipality of Anchorage. Currently, 277 signalized intersections are being maintained. Signal Maintenance also provides technical support to the Alaska Department of Transportation for maintenance of traffic signal systems on the Kenai Peninsula and the Matanuska-Susitna Valley.

To report a damaged or malfunctioning traffic signal, please contact the Traffic Department at 343-8355.

Traffic Signal Video Requests

Requests for traffic signal camera files, traffic signal audit reports or traffic signal timing questions must be received in writing to:

Municipal Traffic Engineering Department - Signals Section
4700 Elmore Rd.
Anchorage, Alaska 99507


The request must include the following:

Anchorage Police Department case number
Please provide a brief description of the request. If the incident is collision-related, please provide additional information that may help to locate the video of the collision. This information is crucial in the process of acquiring any files that may exist of the incident.

Please note that the cameras only hold approximately 72 hours of video data - after that the files are overwritten and lost.