Land Records Section

The Land Records Section provides geospatial data maintenance, analysis, mapping, research, and the creation of web mapping applications for the departments of Public Works, Community Development, and Real Estate. Land Records is responsible for inputting parcel, easement, and subdivision information from recorded subdivision plats and documents into the Public Works cadastral feature dataset. This information is used by most Municipal departments in their daily activities as well as the general public. In addition, Land Records works closely with Long Range and Current Planning Sections of the Community Development Department doing mapping and analysis, and maintaining the official zoning information for the Municipality of Anchorage.

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintain and update the Cadastral data set.
  • Create and maintain Public Works web mapping applications for use by employees and the general public
  • Provide GIS services for Planning Projects such as the Land Use Plan Map, Industrial Land Survey, Housing Survey, Wetlands Management Plan, and the Historical Properties Plan.
  • Provide GIS personnel and data for the Emergency Operations Center Response Teams.
  • Maintain Municipal Zoning data and perform analysis for Zoning Protests.
  • Provide maps, analysis, and graphics for internal meetings and public hearings.
  • Produce publication quality cartographic maps for reports and plan documents.
  • Provide customer service to the public concerning land related GIS inquiries