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Town Square Brick Locations

Case 1: If your Brick was originally located in section E, F, or G on the map below, your Brick has not moved.  You may find your Brick at its original location. (This would be Bricks with an original ID # of 1 - 9,238.)

Note: If you don't remember your Brick's original location, lost your Brick certificate or forgot your Brick's original ID number, please visit the Performing Arts Center office where the original Brick Book is kept. 

Case 2: If your Brick was located in one of the sections above outlined with a wavy line, your Brick was relocated. (Bricks with an original ID # of 9,239 -13,343.)

1.  To find your Brick's new ID number and coordinates, please open the attached list for Brick Areas   A, B, C, D, H, I, J & K.

2.  Once you have the list open, use the find tool to search the list for your brick. The "find" tool is most commonly located under the edit menu or often can be accessed on PC's by pressing [Ctrl + F]).  Once the "find" tool is open, type in a word that appears in your inscription.  Continue clicking "find next" until you locate your Brick.

3.  Now that you have located your Brick on the list, you have your Brick's new position and ID number, e.g. ID#-4175, Row-34, Brick-9, Inscription-Campfire 1992 Bear Valley School, Keyword-Campfire.Note: Brick Areas A,B,C & D are configured by Column and Row. Brick Areas H, I, J & K are configured by Rows and Brick position. This is due to differing and unusual configurations of Brick Areas.

4.   Use the ID number and coordinates to locate your Brick with the "How To Find Your Brick" Official Souvenir Brick Map.  For example, Brick ID#-4175 is located in Brick Area H on the map below. This Brick will be 34 rows down and 9 Bricks over in Brick Area H.


If you have any questions or if you need help finding your Brick, please contact the Parks & Recreation Department at 343-4355.

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