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The Alaska Runners Calendar is a collective effort between Anchorage Parks and Recreation and various cities across Alaska to put together a comprehensive publication informing sports enthusiasts of all ages and abilities about the multitude of running and walking events held throughout the year.

For information about race submissions, questions, or advertising inquiries, please contact Anchorage Parks and Recreation staff at  

Organizing the Calendar

 In 2021 the Alaska Runners Calendar moved to an all-digital format to allow for more real-time updates. Race submissions are available online through a Google form​ and posted to the calendar. 

Also in 2021 the calendar shifted to donation-based pricing. All race submissions submitted will be posted to the calendar regardless of payment, however, donations are appreciated to support the calendar's future. Payment at this time is via check only, made out to "Alaska Runners Calendar"​, PO Box 196650, Anchorage, AK 99519. 

Event listings are due December 28 for the next calendar year, but since the new calendar format is more flexible, staff will be able to take submissions throughout the year. Please allow a few weeks for races to be posted.​

Contact Information

Alaska Runners Calendar email -

Alaska Runners Calendar Director​

Mailing Address
Alaska Runners Calendar
PO Box 196650
Anchorage, AK 99519

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