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Caring for our Parks

Anchorage’s beautiful parks host a wide variety of activities and events throughout the year ranging from community-wide cultural events to individuals relaxing in their favorite park. Since 2005, an Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department strategic goal has been to Improve Maintenance and Stewardship of What We Have. Parks Maintenance staff and the community have been working together to make all parks ‘Clean and Green, Safe and Secure’.

Maintenance Projects

The Parks and Recreation Department would like for everyone to Get Outdoors! and recreate safely. There are several new and renovated facilites to increase your winter enjoyment. Check the Trail/Ice Rink Status for the most current information on great ice and snow.

  • Better Skiing...Crews are scheduled to groom and set tracks more frequently along the Coastal Trail, Campbell Creek Trail and Chester Creek Trail . We are hopeful that you will notice our extra effort.
  • More Ice… The Scotty Gomez Hockey Rink at Tikishla Park has been renovated with a new surface, new boards and efficient lighting. Airport Heights Community Council, the Scotty Gomez Foundation and the Anchorage Park Foundation provided support for these improvements.
  • In addition, Anchorage joins five other U.S. communities with the new long-track outdoor Speedskating Oval at Cuddy Family Midtown Park.
  • Town Square Winter Center will begin after the Holiday Tree Lighting Celebration the day after Thanksgiving.
  • Delaney Park and Chester Creek Sports Complex also continue to host outdoor hockey rinks.
  • Ponds...Ice skaters should be extra careful of ice thickness and conditions. Currently no rinks have been established. Future maintained areas will be at Cheney Lake, Cuddy Family Midtown Park and Westchester Lagoon when ice thickness reaches 12” thick.
  • Expanded Walking/Skiing… This winter the Department is creating better opportunities for people to walk, cross country and skate ski right here in town. Please check out these new additions and give us your feedback.

Feedback: If you have compliments, questions or concerns, please e-mail us.

Should you wish to speak to someone, please call us at 343-4554.

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