Limited Road Service Area (LRSA)

LRSA's are service areas, established by the Anchorage Assembly under Anchorage Municipal Code (AMC) Title 27, to provide limited road maintenance services for rural roads on the Anchorage hillside.

There are twenty-one individual services areas serving the hillside. Each service area has a locally elected Board of Supervisors (Board). All road maintenance work is carried out by private contractors, through competitive bids, for each service area. Each service area maintains a separate fund for use exclusively for that service area. Funds not used in any calendar year are carried over to that service area fund balance for future road maintenance and repairs.

Each Board determines the scope of work and directs the contractor doing the road work. The work consists of summer grading, road repair work, pothole repairs, drainage ditch clearing, dust control, snow removal, and ice control.

Individual Service Area Maps