The CBERRRSA Board of Supervisors, also known as the "Road Board", is a group comprised of one representative from each of the following community councils: Eagle River, Eagle River Valley, Southfork, Birchwood, and Chugiak.  Community Council nominations are forwarded to the Mayor's Office for review and final appointment, and then to the Assembly for approval.  Road Board member terms are for three years, commencing on July 1st (or the Assembly approval date if beginning mid-term).

The purpose of the Road Board is to advise and assist the Municipality of Anchorage in administering services provided within the area.  The Road Board reviews and approves annual budgets, service levels, and capital project priorities, while working closely with the staff of Eagle River Street Maintenance to establish operational and administrative policies relating to community concerns and contract management.

Public meetings are held monthly, generally on the fourth Monday, at the Eagle River Town Center located at 12001 Business Blvd., Room 170.  A short work session begins at 6:30 p.m. with the Road Board meeting following at approximately 7:00 p.m.  The public is welcome to sit in on the work sessions, however may not participate.  A public forum is made available just after the commencement of the formal meeting.  


For more information relating to the CBERRRSA Board of Supervisors, contact the Eagle River Street Maintenance Office at 343-1510.

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