Motor Fuel Tax Statistics

Tax summaries list the taxable gallons of motor fuel and taxes paid by motor fuel dealers. The tax summaries are based on monthly tax returns filed by registered motor fuel dealers. AMC 12.55.190, Confidentiality of records, requires the Municipality to protect financial information reported on the individual tax returns. Therefore, Treasury cannot provide more detailed breakouts of quantities and tax if doing so would violate AMC 12.55.190.

Our intent in publishing these summary reports is to provide a general measure of taxable gallons of motor fuel activity within the Municipality in a timely manner. Please carefully read the disclaimers in the following section regarding the use of these reports.

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The tax return summary reports available on this web page are compiled from Motor Fuel Tax Returns filed with the Municipality of Anchorage, and reflect the motor fuel industry's activity and associated motor fuel tax effects in particular time periods. For the current year only, the values for prior months are updated each time a new report is issued. However, once the report has been created for December each calendar year, the report will no longer be updated. Therefore, the balances shown in the summary reports do not include the effects of subsequent events, including but not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Undetected errors on Motor Fuel Tax Returns filed with the Municipality,
  • Unreported transactions as determined by a municipal audit of a motor fuel dealer's records,
  • Prior year Motor Fuel Tax Returns amended by a motor fuel dealer, and/or
  • Unremitted motor fuel taxes due to the Municipality that become uncollectible.

Our analytical review shows that such excluded events are immaterial and would have a very minor impact (<1%) on the balances shown in these summary reports.

These summary reports have not been subjected to independent audit, are not a component of the official financial statements of the Municipality of Anchorage, and do not necessarily represent motor fuel tax revenues received or recognized by the Municipality for a given year. The Municipality recognizes motor fuel tax revenues in accordance with standards promulgated by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB). Please refer to the Municipality’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the total motor fuel tax revenue recognized by the Municipality for a particular calendar year. The CAFRs for 2001 forward may be found by clicking here.

Tax summary - 2022​​​​ (.pdf)

Tax summary - 2020-2021​​​ (.pdf)

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