Property Taxes

Frequently Called Phone Numbers

Anchorage Area Code (907)

Tax Billing and Collection

343-6650 Real Property - Current/Delinquent Collections

Personal/Business Property - Current Collections

Personal/Business Property - Delinquent Collections:

Personal/Business Property

Miscellaneous Tax/Assessment:
343-6923 Aircraft Registration Tax 
343-6650 Downtown Improvement District Assessments
343-6121 Tax Office Fax Number


Municipal Assessor's Office

343-6770   Assessed Value Inquiries & Valuation Appeals
343-6770   Senior Citizen/Disabled Veteran Exemptions
343-6770 Residential Exemptions
343-6599   Assessor's Office Fax Number

Foreclosure Office

343-7953   Tax Liens/MOA Deeded Property/Tax Deed Auction
343-7525 Alternate number


Special Assessments/ Billing and Collection

786-5544   Roads, Water, Sewer and Gas

Program Taxes

Room Tax, Rental Vehicle Tax, Tobacco Tax, Marijuana Tax, Alcohol Tax, Fuel Excise Tax
343-6634 Alternate number
343-6967   Alternate number​​


Anchorage Downtown Partnership


General questions on Downtown
Improvement District Assessments



343-6922   Questions when selling/buying a mobile home
343-4311   Municipal Assembly Office
343-4311   Municipal Clerk's Office
343-4313   Municipal Clerk's Office Fax Number
269-8876   State of Alaska District Recorder's Office