Property Taxes

Important Dates for Property Taxation

​Payments are considered timely if:

  1. Confirmation from website is dated by 11:59 P.M. on or before the due date, or
  2. Postmarked by the US Post Office by 11:59 P.M. on or before the due date, or
  3. Cash register receipt/Treasury date stamp received in person by 5:00 P.M. on or before the due date.

If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, payments will be honored as timely the next business day.  The 7 calendar day grace period applies to the original due date, regardless of weekend or holiday.  Specifically, AMC 12.15.060C2 states: "Following each due date of taxes, seven calendar days shall elapse before any penalty is added to the tax.  At the expiration of the seven-calendar-day grace period, the penalty will be added."

January 1​
​Statutory lien date for assessed property values​
No later than January 15th
Real Property Valuation Notices mailed out 
NOTE: actual date of mailing will vary
30 days from date of mailing
Real Property Valuation appeal deadline NOTE: The deadline will vary. The actual deadline is printed on the valuation notice.
January / February
PERSONAL Personal Property filing forms mailed out​
March 15th
REAL Senior Citizen/Disabled Veteran and Owner Occupied Residential Exemption Applications (new applications) filing deadline.
March 15th
REAL and PERSONAL  Non-Profit Exemption Applications (new applications) filing deadline
April 30th
PERSONAL Personal Property filing deadline 
June 1st
REAL Real Property Tax Bills mailed out
June 30th


​​​First half Real Property Tax installment due date 

August 1st
Real Property delinquent bills for late first half and any prior years; rebilling o​f any adjusted Real Property tax amounts due 
August 31st


Second half Real Property tax installment due date​ ​

Personal Property valuation noti​ces mailed out ​
30 days from date of mailing
PERSONAL Personal Property valuation appeal deadline
October 1st
PERSONAL Personal Property tax bills mailed out **Tax Notice includes a 10% penalty for late; 20% penalty for no filing of the return**
November 30th​​​
​Personal P​​roperty​ tax due date​​​
January 1st of the year following the original tax year
​​​​Real Property Delinquent Tax Statement mailed out **Final Notice Prior to Foreclosure Publication**​​
March of the year following the original tax year
Foreclosure Publication in local newspaper of general circulation.  Notice of Foreclosure Proceeding is mailed out to the property owner(s) and any lienholder on record by the Municipality of Anchorage's Foreclosure Office on the first day of publication in local newspaper.​

Note: Delinquent notices are sent only to the Property Owner