Business Personal Property Taxes

The Treasury Division, Property Tax Office is responsible for the original billing and collecting of taxes for businesses located within the Municipality of Anchorage. Each year, the owner of a business as of January 1 is required to file an assessment return with the Municipal Assessor's Office by a specified deadline. 

If you sold or closed a business after January 1, the business is taxable for the full current year. The Municipality does not prorate taxes between buyer and seller or for the number of days the business was operated during a calendar year.  

For additional information about filing an assessment return, please contact the Assessor's Office at (907) 343-6770 or click here to visit their web site.

Timely Filing

If the assessment form is:

  1. Returned by the specified deadline, the property tax is billed as a timely filing roll. The tax notice for timely filing rolls is mailed out October ​1 and​ due November 30​ each year​.
  2. Not returned by the specified deadline or is not filed at all, the business property tax is billed as a late or involuntary filing roll. The due dates are the same as the timely filed rolls, however it​ includes a 10% penalty on the tax amount for not filing the assessment form timely and a 20% penalty ​for not filing at all.


If payment is made after the scheduled due date, the account will be assessed a 10% late payment penalty on the installment amount that was due and interest will accrue until the account is paid to a zero balance or referred to outside collection agency..

You may pay your Business Personal Property tax to the Municipality of Anchorage by credit card, debit card, electronic check, or you can pay in the office​There will be a nominal fee of 2.55% charged for credit or debit ​card and $1.95 charged for electronic check for use of these services.

You may use either of the two methods listed below:

    (Note: To complete the transaction by either of the two methods, be ready to provide your nine (9) digit account number which can be found on your billing statement.)​
  1. ​Visit , or
  2. Call 1-800-272-9829 (at the prompt, enter Jurisdiction Code 1201).
  • To pay your business property tax you must select the "Local Payments" tax option and then the "Property Tax" option.
  • Confirmation Number. Payment is valid only if a confirmation number is received when the transaction is complete. If paying online, print/save the confirmation page as proof of payment. 

If the account continues to remain unpaid, it will be referred to an outside collection agency for further collection action.  If you have additional questions on your delinquent business property tax, please contact one of our municipal collectors at ​(907) 343-6946

Schedule payments and set up reminders​

For your convenience, ACI Payments Inc. also offers options that will allow you to schedule payments in advance or setup future payment due date reminders. To schedule payments or setup reminders go to