Solid Waste Services Master Plan

The Municipality of Anchorage Department of Solid Waste Services (SWS) authorized development of an integrated solid waste master plan in order to optimize its system and assets through improved operational efficiencies, capital improvements and new practices and programs. Goals of the plan include increasing the life of the landfill, improving customer service, protecting the environment and establishing sustainable waste reduction, reuse and recycling programs in Anchorage.

SWS collaborated with Tetra Tech and DOWL consultants and the SWS Solid Waste & Recycling Advisory Commission (SWRAC) to develop the plan.

SWS and Tetra Tech also worked to collect community input and survey solid waste industry best practices.

Key short-term recommendations include:

  • Increased waste diversion efforts, primarily through organics collection and recycling
  • Landfill improvements through development of alternative daily cover and engineering efficiencies
  • Expanding beneficial landfill gas use
  • Development and construction of a new Central Transfer Station