How to turn trash into electricity

Residential and commercial garbage is collected throughout the MOA and disposed at the Anchorage Regional Landfill (ARL).  


During the decomposition, organic matter emits a powerful gas. The gas is chilled to remove moisture before being delivered to a power plant at ARL.


The chilled gas is then burned by 5 engines, creating 7 mega-watts of electricity for JBER's Fort Richardson!


The ARL landfill gas to energy project won a Silver Achievement Award from the Solid Waste Assoc. of North America (SWANA).

Anchorage Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project


Benefits of the project

  • Produces enough electricity each year to power the equivalent of 6,400 homes.
  • Generates revenue for Solid Waste Services - keeping costs low for rate payers.
  • Keeps methane gas (a powerful greenhouse gas) from reaching the atmosphere.
  • Continues to produce energy after the landfill closes.
  • Helps the Army meet its renewable energy goals.
  • Proven, cost-effective technology.

Project investment

$31 million - the Landfill Gas to Energy Project came on line in 2012. The initial construction cost of the project, including Gas Processing Building, gas transmission pipeline, Power Plant (5 generating units), transformers, switch gear and power line connections to Ft. Richardson grid.

*Solid Waste Services is one of the Municipality of Anchorage enterprise utilities.  All of SWS services are funded completely by user fees.  No tax dollars are used in any operations, including the transfer stations, transfer operation and landfill.*

More info

2013 SWANA Achievement Award Application


SWS does provide group tours of the landfill and the landfill gas project. Please contact us at 907-‚Äč343-6274 to schedule one.