Trash & Recycling Pick-up Services 

The Refuse Collections utility provides residential and commercial trash collection for our City of Anchorage service area. SWS strives to provide the best possible service to our customers. for instance, our onboard computer system (OBS) helps our collections utility provide real time data to the customer service department.

Reminder - all SWS services are setup and billed through the property owner. If you are a tenant please work with your property owner/landlord before contacting us. Thanks!


Residential Service

Residential service is service for any single-family (one unit) dwelling. These residences are serviced by automated side loaders using roll carts.

SWS operates within a mandatory service area. If you are new to our service area or want to sign up for a new service, switch cart sizes, or any other change please call 343-6250.


New rates went into effect starting Jan. 1, 2021​. More information on SWS rate increases is available here.

All trash is serviced weekly. 

 Trash cart size
​$ per month
 32-gallon standard cart     $15.25
 32-gallon bear cart
 48-gallon standard cart
 64-gallon standard cart
 64-gallon bear cart
 96-gallon standard cart
 96-gallon bear cart


All residential trash service includes a 96-gallon recycling cart at no additional cost. Recycling is serviced every other week. Learn more about what goes in curbside recycling here​.​

Additional fees and rates

Excess bagged waste - $11.58 extra pick-up +$2.32 per bag

Bulky item pick-up - $11.58 + per item fee baed on current disposal rates. Items only collected Monday through Friday​. Must call ahead to schedule at (907) 343-6250.

Cart replacement - $117.60 for lost or damaged roll carts.

​2021 Service Calendar -- PDF download​

Curbside Organics

Curbside collection of food scraps and yard trimmings. Currently on hiatus, program will resume May 2021. More information is available here.​

32-gallon weekly service: $5 per month

96-gallon weekly service:​ $10 per month

Cart Care​

Storage - store your carts in your backyard, garage, or any other convenient, safe location where they are not visible except of scheduled collection days.

Be BEAR AWARE - store your carts so they are protected from scavengers such as bears, ravens and dogs. Bear resistant containers are available.  

Cart Cleaning - the customer is required to clean the cart clean. Please make sure to bag your trash before putting it into the cart. (NO BAGS IN THE RECYCLING CART)

Changing Cart Size - the customer is allowed one free change-out within the first 180 days of service. After the first 180 days there will be a fee accessed.

Moving - Contact SWS Customer Service at 343-6250 to cancel service and arrange a cart return. Please do not take your cart with you, there will be a fee.

Service Day

Place roll carts at the curb or edge of the street or alley with the wheels and handles facing your home.


During the winter, please clear any snow that may interfere with the collection of the cart.

Place your carts out for service by 7am on your collection day - but NOT the night before.

Lids must be closed. The lid must be allowed to open freely on service day - please DO NOT bungee cord your cart on collection day.

Automated trucks cannot pick up trash not in a roll cart. Contact customer service at 343-6250 if you have excess waste that must be picked up - or wait until your next service day.

Report any missed collection to customer service at 343-6250.


Is recycling free?

Yes - the price of recycling is included in your trash service. Opting out of recycling will NOT save you any money as it is a free service.

What time is trash picked up?

Our crews start at 7:00 a.m., Monday through Saturday.  Since many things can affect the timing of how they run their routes, the best bet is to have it out by 7:00 a.m

Can I place bulky items in my cart?

No - however, SWS does offer a bulky item pickup. Bulk items pickup occurs on Saturdays. Please contact customer service at 343-6250 to schedule bulk item pickup. Additional charges apply.

Can I leave trash/recycling next to my cart?

No - automated trucks cannot pick up trash not in a roll cart. Contact customer service at 343-6250 if you have excess waste that must be picked up - or wait until your next service day.

Can I get credit for the time I'm on vacation?

Yes - If your residence will be not be occupied by anyone for 30 days or more, you can receive credit for when you will be gone.  You must notify us in advance and provide us with dates of the vacancy.  Credit will not be given after the fact.

Do you collect refuse on holidays?

Yes - with the exception of Christmas and New Year's Day, refuse is collected on all holidays.  For Christmas and New Year's Day, all affected customers are notified of an alternate day for collection, generally the following week day or Saturday.

If I live in the SWS service area, do I have to have collection service through SWS?

Yes - Municipal code requires that all occupied properties within the Refuse Collection service area have and use refuse collection service.  The primary reasons for mandatory service are to help keep neighborhoods clean and free of litter, to reduce possible health problems associated with trash, and to reduce costs. *SERVICE AREA*


Commercial Service

Commercial service is anything other than a single-family dwelling and can consist of anything from a business with can/bag service on once or more weekly pick up, any location with more than one unit (duplex or more) with can/bag or dumpster service or any business generating enough refuse to have dumpster service.

Rates - Trash

*All rates are a per month price*

​TRASH Dumpster Size
 1x per week
 2x per week
3x per week 
4x per week  
5x per week 
 6x per week
2x per day 
 2 cubic yard  $110
 3 cubic yard
 4 cubic yard
 6 cubic yard  $249
 8 cubic yard


For other service rates such as a two person crew - please click here.

Rates - Recycling

Commercial Automated Curbside Rates

Single stream collection (paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, steel/tin cans, #2 plastic bottles and jugs, and #1 plastic)

Automated curbside roll cart size
(every other week)
(1x per week)
Twice a week
(2x a week) 
96 gallon roll cart​

Accepted items are the same as residential recycling, which can be found by clicking HERE.
*Rates shown are a per month charge​


Why was my dumpster not serviced?

The dumpster(s) was blocked by a vehicle, not allowing access to empty it.

The dumpster(s) was overloaded (higher than the lids) or there was refuse in front of the dumpster preventing us from connecting to it.

The dumpster(s) was turned by someone placing it at an angle where the driver could not hook up.

The dumpster(s) is blocked by snow berms or it was too icy to get into location of the dumpster.

It  wasn’t the scheduled day for collection.

Something is jammed in the container, not allowing refuse to dump freely.