Vacant and Abandoned Buildings Registration

With the goal of better serving the neighbors living near vacant or abandoned properties in disrepair, the Anchorage Assembly in 2016 approved ordinance​ amendment, A0 201​6​-81(S) ​requiring property owners​ to register any properties that are​ unoccupied.

This registration fee requirement shows property owners that Municipal Code Abatement Officials are serious about monitoring their abandoned or vacant properties. With hundreds of vacant properties, it can be a daunting challenge for Enforcement to track down the entity responsible for property maintenance when ownership changes hands.

Registration for abandoned and ​vacant properties is a proactive ​measure that gives the Municipality better control over vacant and/or abandoned properties. This amendment allows us to encourage owners in possession of abandoned/vacant/foreclosure properties to focus on making quick sales while providing for proper maintenance as they find a buyer.

Vacant building means a structure designed for residential or commercial use that has not been lawfully used for residential or commercial purposes for 180 days. Vacant building does not include​:

  • vacation properties
  • structures used only as seasonal basis
  • a building that has been vacant for less than 365 days. if the building has been continuously offered in good faith for sale. lease or rent since the 181st day it most recently ceased to be used for lawful residential or commercial purposes; or buildings for which there is​:​
    • ​​a valid, open and current building permit for repair, rehabilitation, construction, or demolition,
    • such permitted repair, rehabilitation, construction, or demolition activity is actively underway, and such permitted repair. rehabilitation. construction or
    • demolition is completed within one year from the date the
      initial permit was issued.

The fee schedule starts at $100 for the first year's registration. Subsequent annual registration renewals are $500 for the second year, $1,000 for the third year and $0.10 per building total gross floor area with a minimum of $1,000 for the fourth year and each subsequent year the property remains registered.​

For more information, please email or by calling our office at: 907-343-8301. We are located at The Planning and Development Center, 4700 Elmore Road, Anchorage, Alaska 99507. ​

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