PR and PLI -- Public Lands and Institutions District

The PR district is intended to include municipal lands dedicated by the assembly as parks in accordance with AMC 25.10.080. See AMC 21.04.060 for district specific standards.

The PLI district is intended to include major public and quasi-public civic, administrative, and institutional uses and activities.

Lot Requirements

Setback Requirements

Building Height




6,000 square feet

50 feet


Front, side and rear setbacks shall be 25 feet when the abutting district is DR, PR, PLI or residential; otherwise, the setbacks shall be equal to the analogous minimum setback in the abutting district.

75 feet in the U-MED District, Anchorage Downtown Plan area, and the Midtown area bounded by the Seward Highway, Tudor Road, Arctic Boulevard , and Fireweed Lane.

45 feet in other areas.*

* Greater height may be approved by major site plan review or through an institutional master plan.