Geotechnical Advisory Commission  

The Geotechnical Advisory Commission (GAC) is a nine-member commission appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Assembly. The GAC acts in an advisory capacity to the Assembly, Mayor, municipal departments, Planning and Zoning Commission, Platting Board, Building Board, Building Safety Division, and the professional design community by providing professional advice on issues relating to natural hazards risk mitigation. This Commission, staffed by the Planning Department, normally meets at noon in the Planning and Development Center on the fourth Tuesday of each month.  Beginning in April 2022, meetings began in a hybrid format--virtually via Microsoft Teams and in person in the Training​ Room at 4700 Elmore Road, Anchorage. This is reviewed each month. Please refer to the current agenda/public notice in case of a change back to virtual only.

  Commission Members (updated 7/26/2023)

  • Dennis Berry
  • ​Kyle Brennan
  • Steven Halcomb, Vice Chair 
  • David Hemstreet​
  • Cody Kreitel
  • Keri Nutter
  • Amy Steiner​
  • John Thornley, Chair

(1 vacancy) ​ ​​​

Contact Information:
  • Daniel Mckenna-Foster, Senior Planner
    Long-Range Planning Division
    Planning Department
    4700 Elmore Road
    Anchorage, Alaska 99507​

    Phone:    (907) 343-7916 or (907) ​343-7921
    E-mail:​ ​ 


  Commission D​ocuments 

  • Resolutions​ (forthcoming)​​​​
  • Meeting Summaries (forthcoming)​​
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