​Metropolitan Transportation Plan

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requires the Municipality to have a MTP, to be updated every four years. It must cover all modes of transportation: freeways, highways, streets and sidewalks, public transit, trails and freight mobility; and address congestion management and air quality standards. It must be based on land uses described in the current Comprehensive Plan. ​

MTP 101 

If you are new to​ this important planning process, click on the link above and review our Metropolitan Transportation Plan 101 guide! Send us your feedback​ on the presentation.

2050 MTP logo, cogs for freight, non-motorized, and transit

The 2050 MTP is underway! Visit the plan website and follow along for public involvement opportunities! 


The 2040 MTP Air Quality Conformity​ Determination was approved on August 26th, 2020. 

The Plan​



2040 MTP Executive Summary​

​Plan Introduction

2040 MTP Full Document

Plan Goals

2040 MTP Air Quality Conformity Determination

​Plan Overview​

Plan Sections

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 8 - Implementation
Chapter 2 - Public Involvement
​Chapter 9 - Air Quality​​
Chapter 3 - Goals and Objectives
Appendix A - Glossary
Chapter 4 - Existing Conditions
Appendix B - Public Involvement
Chapter 5 - Future Network 
​Appendix C - Environmental Justice
Chapter 6 - Financial Plan
​Appendix D - Safety and Security​
Chapter 7 - Recommendations
Appendix E - Fiscal Constraint​​


Public Involvement Documents:

Alternative Details

Charrette Workshop Summary

MetroQuest Report #2

MetroQuest Survey #2 Comments​

Survey Report Appendix A

Public Review Draft

Comment Response Summary​


Attachment A - Allen Kemplen

Attachment H - Fairview Community Council

Attachment B - Anchorage Parks Foundation

Attachment I - Friends of the Anchorage Costal Wildlife Refuge

Attachment C - Anchorage Trails

Attachment J - Nancy Pease

Attachment D - Barbara and Michael Carlson

Attachment K - Public Comment After Assembly Work Session

Attachment E - Climate Action Plan Re​view of MTP Overlap

Attachment L - Public Meeting

Attachment F - DE

Attachment M - Rabbit Creek Community Council

Attachment G - Emily Weiser

Attachment N - Sean Holland

Technical Reports:

PC Adopted Technical Memorandum #1A: Goals, Objective, and Performance Measures

PC Adopted Technical Memorandum #1B: Screening

Overall Transportation System: 2016 Status of the System Report

PC Adopted Technical Working Paper #2: Future Deficiency Analysis

Overview Presentation: 2040 Baseline Deficiencies and Needs​

Related Programs:
Transportation Improvement Program
Unified Planning Work Program
Public Participation Plan

Staff Liaison:

Aaro​n Jongenelen​
​AMATS Coordinator
P: 907.343.8254​