Municipality of Anchorage Establishes Alternate Care Site in the Alaska Airlines Center as Precautionary Measure


Emergency Operations Center


Anchorage, Alaska: The Municipality of Anchorage Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is establishing a medical alternate care site (ACS) at the Alaska Airlines Center in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. An ACS is a temporary facility that provides care to patients who are stable but require medical observation and basic support. On-site preparations began last week in anticipation of potential hospitalization needs. The Alaska Airline Center ACS has the capacity to support at least 150 patients.

“When our local hospitals experience an overwhelming surge of patients as a result of COVID-19, we need decompression plans like an alternate care site at the ready," said Anchorage Health Department Director Natasha Pineda. 

Currently, the Anchorage hospitals are meeting the demand for patient care and continue to operate within their facilities. The ACS is activated in partnership with the Providence Alaska Medical Center, Alaska Native Medical Center, and Alaska Regional Hospital and supports the State of Alaska's bed-expansion objectives. The ACS will be operated by the partner hospitals, when needed, with support from the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services.