Mayor Bronson Applauds State Funding for Port of Alaska


Mayor's Office


Anchorage, AK – Today, Mayor Dave Bronson thanked the Alaska State Senate for including $200 million for the Port of Alaska in the State's Fiscal Year 2023 Operating Budget. Rebuilding and modernizing the Port of Alaska is Mayor Bronson's number one priority. Securing state funding for the project has been the Mayor's primary legislative objective over the last year.

“After months of negotiations, numerous trips to Juneau, presentations before committees, and conversations with legislators on both sides of the aisle, I am pleased with this commitment to the Port of Alaska. Anchorage has roughly $220 million of skin in the game, but the entire port project comes with a $1.8 billion price tag. The people of Anchorage cannot shoulder this alone," said Mayor Bronson.

“Without financial help from the state, tariffs – essentially a tax – on all goods and food coming across the docks could go up by 900%. Given the deteriorating condition of the docks, and the timeline for permitting and construction, it was imperative funding be allocated this year to the port. Though this appropriation doesn't fulfill our initial $600 million request, I believe it is a positive step forward and shows that the Legislature is serious about partnering with Anchorage to safeguard Alaska's lifeline: the Port of Alaska."

“Securing this appropriation was a bi-partisan effort. I specifically want to thank the House Finance Committee Co-Chairs for having our back on this issue, and the Senators who fought to pass the budget amendment that put this money into the budget," concluded Mayor Bronson.

The Port of Alaska Modernization Project (PAMP) is a $1.8 billion construction project. The port serves 90% of Alaskans, with 50% of all goods that come into Alaska crossing the docks. The port serves all major Alaska industries and supports key operations of the U.S. Department of Defense. The economic and military security of both Alaska and the nation hinges on the port being operational and resilient for years to come. In recognition of all the work Former Congressman Don Young did to advance the port, the Mayor is working to rename the port, the Don Young Port of Alaska.


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