Mayor Bronson Announces 2024 Proposed Budget

Mayor's Office


Anchorage, AK – At 5 p.m. yesterday, Mayor Bronson submitted his 2024 proposed budget to the Anchorage Assembly. His proposed budget is $12 million beneath the tax cap and $2.4 million less than his revised budget for 2023.

“The budget that I've proposed to the Assembly uses less property taxes to fund the government," said Mayor Bronson. “With the high costs of living, it was important to me to ease the tax burden on our taxpayers."

During the budget development process, the safety of Anchorage residents was kept top of mind while focusing on cost efficiencies. In 2024, the mayor added funding for snow removal, road maintenance and repairs, and to the continuation of public transit route 85.

An additional $1.5 million was added to snow removal in the proposed budget. “Last year, Anchorage experienced a once-in-every-fifty-year snowfall event. We learned a lot about our snow removal process and identified a serious need for improvement. With my proposed budget, Anchorage residents will get the timely snow removal response they deserve," said Mayor Bronson.

No funding was cut to the Anchorage Police Department, the Anchorage Fire Department, the Equal Rights Commission, the Office of Equity and Justice, or the Internal Audit Department.

The Assembly will begin its budget process this month, and in November the public opinion process will open prior to the budget being approved.

The detailed budget can be found on the Municipality of Anchorage website, h​ere.

Media Contact: Veronica Hoxie, communications director, Office of the Mayor,, 907-615-1568