In an effort to balance core services and protect taxpayers, Mayor Bronson vetoes several 2024 budget amendments, line item

Mayor's Office


Anchorage, AK – Mayor Bronson vetoed 18 amendments in budget amendments passed by the Anchorage Assembly during its November 21 meeting. The full list of budget line vetoes can be found here.

Mayor Dave Bronson's vetoes were made to balance core services that citizens expect, like street maintenance and public safety, with the very real, very challenging fiscal conditions facing Anchorage's hardworking families. The mayor's original proposed budget eased the financial burden on Anchorage taxpayers by coming in $12 million under the tax cap while still making strategic investments.

City department heads worked diligently in the months leading up to the budget process to streamline their operating budgets while meeting citizens' needs. This meticulous process was undertaken with the utmost care to ensure that taxpayer relief would not compromise the delivery of critical municipal services.

While the Bronson administration concurs with certain amendments passed by the Assembly – particularly those reflecting the warranted wage increase for Anchorage Police Department officers as per the agreement with the officers' union – it is important to note the majority of the Assembly's amendments do not directly contribute to the enhancement of public safety or food security for Anchorage residents.

With record inflation driving up the costs of daily essentials such as groceries and fuel, Mayor Bronson firmly believes now is the worst time to tax citizens to the maximum limit.  The administration remains focused on delivering a budget that is not only balanced but also reflective of the needs and priorities of the community, ensuring the well-being and prosperity of all Anchorage residents.

“I was not elected to raise taxes to the maximum amount allowed by law," said Mayor Bronson. “The Assembly and I agreed on some responsible added spending in this year's budget, mostly in the areas of public safety and street maintenance. If the Assembly wants to send every taxpayer in Anchorage a maxed-out tax bill this year for items that either can be funded with outside dollars or that can wait until our state and nation's economies improve and Anchorage residents feel some financial relief, they can deliver that message."


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