Municipality of Anchorage Adopts Open Data Policy

Mayor's Corner


ANCHORAGE – The Municipality of Anchorage has adopted an open data policy to promote transparency through increased community access to government data and information.  The MOA Open Data Initiative will focus on collecting data from five initial areas: public health, housing, finance, public safety, and transportation.

“Making Anchorage an open data city will give Anchorage cutting edge transparency and improve engagement and access to the Municipality,” said Mayor Berkowitz. 

The Municipality is partnering with Socrata to expand its open data capabilities. Within the five initial areas, early focus will be on providing data from food safety and sanitation inspections, property information, building permits and inspections, code violations, the budget, crime reports, and collision data.

“Open data will be good for neighborhoods and community councils, allowing insights into patterns and facts that affect them,” said MOA E-Gov and Applications Service Manager Teresa Helleck.

For more information, contact Nora Morse at (907) 343-7102.