Public Safety

Anchorage Police Department

  • The High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) Unit has seized a massive amount of drugs and cash and are actively interrupting drug trafficking organizations.
  • APD’s Intel is increasing the information the department has on a daily basis, making APD safer and more strategic in crime suppression.
  • The Community Action Policing (CAP) team continually works with businesses, organizations, and citizens to solve difficult community problems.
  • The Investigative Support Unit drives crime down by continuing to arrest the most violent and prolific offenders.
  • The Mobile Intervention Team (MIT) is in its infancy but already is impacting those in the community affected by mental illness and connecting them with long-term help, thereby lowering policy/citizen encounters that have the potential to be negative.
  • School Resource Officers (SRO) closed out a successful 2022-2023 school year, and have continued to keep kids safe, educate and provide positive examples of law enforcement to our youth.
  • Task Force Officers (TFO) have seized record amounts of drugs, firearms and illegal proceeds.
  • Crime Suppression operations are conducted quarterly, are hugely successful, and being implemented by other law enforcement agencies across the state.
  • APD has graduated two police academies and continue to recruit and conduct background investigations for both sworn and non-sworn positions.
  • The Property and Evidence Team has logged in over 11,000 pieces of property this year alone.
  • The National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) matched a shooting from Boniface/ Debarr in April to a shooting at the Gaslight Bar in January. Video ID’d a suspect at the Gaslight wearing the same clothing as from the Boniface shooting.
  • Defendant plead guilty to 20 years for 2019 shooting at the Gaslight bar which paralyzed a bartender

APD Crime Lab

  • A 2022 Conviction based of DNA results
  • NIBIN External On-Site Assessment received a Silver Standard and no findings of nonconformance
  • Formulated reliable and repeatable in-person Crime Scene trainings.


  • 2 cold case arrests on Sex Assault from CODIS HITs in 1994 and 1995
  • A guilty plea deal on a 2022 murder of a 12 year old
  • An arrest warrant for a sexual assault

Fraud/Postal Task Force Officers

  • APD Detectives and the postal inspectors have been working a big mail fraud case where it appears that a group of individuals (likely working in Post Office California) are taking mailed checks and altering them so that the dollar amounts are higher and they are being paid to people on the East Coast that are not their original recipient. So far there is an estimated 80+ checks for up to a million dollars of fraudulent transactions.
  • There is a trio of prolific shoplifters that APD has obtained arrest warrants for. The thefts have been notable because they are stealing large quantities of ammunitions from the various hunting and sporting goods retailers around Anchorage.


  • Currently, several Burglary Detectives are working with the DA’s Office to negotiate plea deals for three separate teams (one duo and two individuals) that were responsible for the vast majority of the burglaries that took place in the Fall of 2022. Together, there is evidence tying them to 70+ burglaries and they have been charged with most of these, hence the DA’s Office interest in trying to resolve the cases

Special Victims Unit (SVU)

  • Hospital employee arrested and indicted on Sex Assault 1 on a victim in an emergency room
  • Suspect was located, arrested, and indicted for sexually assaulting a victim who was walking home on a trail.
  • Suspect was located, arrested, and indicted for sexual assault of a a vulnerable adult.


  • Detectives have gotten more confessions that have resulted in convictions as their cases are doubling.

Complex Case Unit (CCU)

  • Has secured a new 3 year ICAC grant (2023-2025)
  • Concluded the first year of the Human Trafficking grant.
  • Accomplished major advances on mission, principals and protocols to accommodate for the 125% increase in investigations.
  • Continuing to work on Training protocols.
  • Hosted 2 weeks of national level training in Jan ‘23. (Fox Valley; Basic ICAC Investigator and Undercover investigations)

Anchorage Fire Department

  • AFD implemented PulsePoint throughout Anchorage, Chugiak, and Girdwood communities. PulsePoint is a free smartphone app that notifies nearby people when a cardiac arrest has been reported to 911 and CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) is needed. It also shows the user the location of the nearest easy-to-use AED (automatic external defibrillator). PulsePoint enables citizen rescuers can sustain life while waiting for AFD medical personnel to arrive. PulsePoint also can alert citizens to other emergencies nearby.
  • The 2022 cardiac arrest survival rate improved 13 points to over 57%. The national average is 34%. Very few communities achieve higher than 50%, which makes Anchorage EMS among the best in the nation.
  • AFD announced a new online real-time wildfire map to inform residents of the location and status of nearby wildfires. (www.muni.org/Departments/Fire/Pages/Wildfire-Map.aspx) When a wildfire is reported in the MOA, it will be displayed immediately on the map. The map will display the real-time location and movements of all firefighting aircraft and will be updated with information such as percent of containment, number of acres, and number of personnel assigned as this information becomes available. Together with PulsePoint, citizens can be alerted immediately to reported wildfires and monitor progress. The map is designed to work with low bandwidth and signal strength.
  • Secured four new fire engines, and two ladder trucks to replace aged, outdated, and expensive-to-operate equipment.
  • New summer academy announced. Hiring additional firefighters through $10 million federal grant secured by AFD and Bronson Administration.
  • Worked with State OSHA to address all safety items, saving the MOA hundreds of thousands in fines and penalties.
  • Re-wrote code to address health and safety responsibilities to all MOA departments.
  • Trained safety managers for AKOSH compliance proper tracking, documenting, and reviewing OSHA recordable injuries.
  • Supervisory training for job hazard analysis of the workplace.

Port of Alaska
  • Port Modernization Program​
  • First vessel arrived at the new Petroleum/Cement Terminal
  • Broke ground on the new admin offices as the second step in the cargo dock replacement project
  • Broke ground on the North Extension Stabilization Project – Step 1
  • Hosted Holland-America’s M/S Nieuw Amsterdam, one of the first cruise ships to visit Alaska this season.
  • Secured a $5.3 million federal grant to enhance the Port’s power resiliency
  • Secured a $68.7 million federal grant for the North Extension Stabilization project, the largest grant awarded to any port in the country through that program.
  • Through the hard work of Alaska’s congressional delegation the Port received $5 million for use port wide as needed.

Economic Development
  • ADU Update – passed in January of this year, streamlines ADU code to facilitate more development where desired. Added a tracking system and since passage have seen increased interest in calls and inquiries to the department.
  • Downtown Code and Plan update – both updated in April of 2023. Expanded allowed uses, updated design standards and removed unclear portions of code.

49th State Angel Fund 

  • Invested in 6 new companies: Remora, Ramper Innovations, Heather’s Choice, 60Hertz Energy, Greensparc, Prismatext
  • First ever Mayoral Proclamation for Anchorage Startup Week 2022
  • Hosted events to promote entrepreneurship in our community, including Alaska Startup Week, Do Business with the MOA, Fireside Panel Recognizing Women Entrepreneurs, Alaska Angel Conference


  • Closed the two first ever C-PACER loan in Alaska: RIM Building (Aug. 2022) and Aviator Hotel (Dec. 2022)
  • Worked with Alaska Energy Authority and the CPACE Alliance to update and expand statewide program guidelines

  • Finalized policies and procedures for the Municipality’s first-ever Homeless and Transient Shelter Licensing program
  • Shelter Licensing became the first licensing program in the Municipality to accept online applications.
  • Coordinated with the Alaska Department of Public Safety to create Anchorage Health Department’s Criminal Justice Information (CJI) Policy. This policy focuses on regulatory compliance with State and Federal laws about criminal history background checks, which are required for Shelter License applications.
  • In the first quarter of 2023 the Housing and Homeless Services program provided financial stewardship of over $8 million dollars from the Homelessness Alcohol Tax for Anchorage emergency shelters and coordinated programmatic compliance with 16 service providers.
  • Sheltered an average of 684 people per day through the winter
  • Kept 27 families housed through use of a HUD grant
  • Awarded $1.9 million in Early Education/Prevention Alcohol Tax grants to 10 organizations
  • In 2023, 14 organizations were awarded a total of $4.4 million dollars for Early Education and Prevention through the alcohol tax
  • Oversaw $34 million in Emergency Rental Assistance funds to keep individuals housed during COVID-19 pandemic
  • 5,341 households received assistance (rent, rental arrears, utilities, utility arrears, housing stability services) over the two year project
  • Homeless Alcohol Tax: Municipal funding intended to assist those experiencing homelessness and prevent reoccurrence.

Complex Care operated by Catholic Social Services first quarter 2023

  • 140 clients served
  • Average length of stay 13 days
  • 6,984 bed nights provided
  • 19,371 meals provided
  • Average length of stay 13 days

United Way Home For Good Project

  • Public/private partnership, Pay for Success. Used to create a pool of landlords willing to house the most hard to house individuals in Anchorage (due to past substance misuse, behavioral issues, incarceration and experiencing other barriers to housing)
  • $76,833.98 provided in rental assistance
  • 31 households received assistance
  • 101 landlords engaged to date (April 1, 2021- March 31, 2023)

United Way Risk Pool Funds

  • Used to incentivize landlords to house hard to house individuals, pay for security deposits and damages
  • Applied for $1 million Second Chance Act funding on behalf of United Way. If awarded, funding would supplement Home for Good Project

Good Governance
  • Secured $118.05 million in FEMA reimbursements of our projects obligated by FEMA out of our $126.3 total expenditures to date.
  • The SOA has paid us $82.16 million of those obligated project amounts to date.

Public Transit

  • Deployed new technology and app for the public
  • Brought on 11 new modern buses in 2022; first new buses since 2013
  • Brought on 14 Ford Transit vans, first all-wheel drive buses in AnchorRIDES’ history
  • These vehicles marked significant progress for our public transit services
  • Implemented new Transit Security Program and Team.
  • People Mover teamed up with the Anchorage Public Library for story time on the bus. We handed out some fun swag and then turned three different groups (115 riders total!) loose for story time, singing and dancing, and a quick tour by bus with one of the best in the biz, our Bus Operator of the Year, Harvey!


  • AWWU worked with the MOA Administration to secure authorization of $20 million of Congressional Directed Spending in the Federal FY 23 Budget to construct projects associated with MOA Solid Waste Services (SWS) Leachate treatment and Powder Reserve and Holtan Hills off-site sewer improvements
  • AWWU received a Gold award from National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) for perfect compliance at the Eagle River Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) in 2022 through now and Silver Awards for Asplund and Girdwood WWTF’s for excellent compliance.
  • AWWU’s drinking water continues to be pristine and of the highest quality with Zero EPA Safe Drinking Water Act violations (perfect compliance) in 2022 through now.

Traffic Engineering

  • Following successful contract award, construction activities are scheduled this summer for 3 school walkway improvement projects.
  • Project goals address: safety concerns, ADA requirements, general non-conformity / non-compliance issues, community council concerns, area pathway needs, school district requests, and traffic calming.
  • Work around Chinook and Chester Valley Elementary schools include sidewalk additions and improvements. Wonder Park Elementary School work includes sidewalk, pathway and traffic calming additions and improvements. Pathway work successfully fulfills community grant goals and utilizes State legislatively awarded funds.
  • Coordination with the State of Alaska regarding Highway Safety Improvement Projects (HSIP) funded walkway work for Polaris and Rilke Schule. If awarded, this federally funded work could potentially be coordinated with future PM&E storm drain work.
  • Successful award of federal grant money for a pilot project. Coordination with the State of Alaska has been ongoing regarding this temporary protected bike lanes pilot project. Potential locations and solutions have been discussed. Evaluation of the Request for Information submittals were completed by committee members. The committee has chosen a qualified consultant team and pilot installation(s) are planned for the summer 2024.
  • Non-Motorized Safety Campaign is granted as a larger federally funded program following the successful execution of its pilot project (Pedestrian Safety Campaign). The current program began in May of 2023. This AMATS sponsored Traffic Engineering program successfully presented 3 pilot videos at the Bicycle / Pedestrian Action Committee Safety Forum. These and other videos are planned as part of the community outreach regarding hazards as seen through the eyes of those who travel by foot or by bike.

Office of Equal Opportunity

  • Created and conducted MOA Harassment/Discrimination/Diversity/Bullying Training Presentation for Municipal employees
  • Successfully updated the MOA DBE Program for federal compliance
  • Updated the MOA’s EEO policy
  • Co-hosted the 2nd Annual Women’s History Fireside Chat Event in honor of Women’s History Month
  • Co-hosted the National Small Business Luncheon Awards with the Alaska Small Business Administration

Community Outreach
  • Mayor Bronson attended more than 200 speaking engagements/events
  • Conducted a School Business Partnership with ASD and Hanshew Middle School for the 2022-2023 school year that included weekly classroom time with students and staff.
  • As part of the listening tour initiative, the Office of Equity and Justice (OEJ) met with many community members and leaders from diverse background to help identify barriers and possible solutions within the Municipality workforce and equal access to community resources
  • As part of the Engage Anchorage initiative, identified barriers through educational and civic engagements
  • Hosted youth Government Class visits to City Hall
  • Hosted Job Fairs in partnership with the Anchorage​
  • Lead efforts within Anchorage School District that helped to deescalate the cultural tensions within the Polynesian community where many kids were transitioned back into school
  • Presented “Be 1% better today” initiative to over 1,000 community members
  • Hosted a Black History Entrepreneur Round Table
  • Hosted Women’s Month Entrepreneur Table
  • Hosted Women in Business Round Table
  • Increased involvement with cultural awareness events for community members through local non-profit partners and stakeholders
  • Help facilitate the Workforce Development Initiative
  • Collaborated with local and state resources to address barriers within the workforce
  • Developed a Cultural Experience policy to increase cultural diversity within the Municipality workforce.
  • Collaborated with the Department of Labor on local workforce development issues
  • Collaborated successful Small Business Administration educational programs for business owners
  • Increased resume building for youth in community organizations and educational programs
  • Increased job fair opportunities for youth and adults at underserved communities and school