​​​​​​​​​​Southcentral Mayors' Energy Coalition

​​​Mission Statement​​

The goal of the Southcentral Mayors’ Energy Coalition is to consider the energy needs of the Railbelt communities and to explore options to meet those needs while assessing costs and the availability of natural resources. The coalition will review Alaska’s current energy potential, future energy deficits, natural gas production in the Cook Inlet, and possible energy alternatives. The Coalition will also be assessing the viability of various financial incentives to attract outside investment in Cook Inlet Natural Gas.

​​Message from Mayor Bronson

The inspiration and purpose for forming this Coalition is to study prior economic and political choices so we may make informed policy decisions moving forward.  The decisions of our political predecessors 10 to 15 years ago still dictate Cook Inlet policy and business markets today, and studying the history of those decisions allows us to draw informed conclusions. As Southcentral Mayors’ we are working together to create a solid educational foundation for ourselves and our constituents. 
Moving forward, we will use the information presented here to explore other possible natural gas sources, alternative energy options, Cook Inlet drilling potential, market enhancement / stabilization, and more. I am looking forward to cooperating with the coalition to continuously improve the lives of my Anchorage constituents and all Southcentral Alaskans.​
Mayor Bronson's Signature